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The Mustad 39960D circle hook is an item that any shark fisherman needs to have in the tackle box. It is very popular not only with shark fishermen, but also other big game fishermen. Mustad makes them all the way up to 20/0 size which work great for the big ones.

Mustad 39960D

The Mustad 39960D 20/0


For those of you who are new to the fishing game and may not be familiar with the circle hook let me give a little background. The circle hook is an innovation that is great for fisherman and fish alike. The whole idea behind the circle hook is that it will hook a fish in the corner of its mouth where it will do little harm to the fish and will be easy to remove. The point of a circle hook is pointed inward and will not snag aggressively like traditional J-hooks. As the line tightens and the hook is pulled from the fish’s mouth the point will be exposed to the jaw as it comes around the corner of the mouth. With the circle hook the point is drawn directly into the flesh. With a J-hook the point will always be set at a bit of an angle. The circle hook does an efficient job of that initial penetration.

One other aspect of the circle hook is the hook set. The circle hook sets itself. Setting the hook will probably not allow the hook to curl around the corner of the jaw when it exits the mouth which will result in a missed hook up. When the fish takes the bait steady pressure is a better way to get that hook into the correct position and achieve hook up. With steady pressure applied the hook will set itself.

Mustad 39960D 14/0

Mustad 39960D 14/0

It should be noted that it is still possible to gut hook a fish with a circle hook. They are not flawless, but they do significantly increase the mouth hook up rate and decrease the gut hooking rate.

Mustad offers the 39960D in sizes 8/0 through 20/0. The 18/0 and 20/0 are a good size for larger sharks and the 14/o and 16/0 are a good size for small to medium-sized sharks. We carry sizes 14/0 through 20/0.

These hooks are finished in Mustad’s duratin finish. This finish helps reduce rust and preserves hooks for multiple uses. If left in the water a few hours and then rinsed in fresh water they may not even show any tarnishing. For longer soaks some tarnishing may be evident, but it will be mainly aesthetic in nature.

These are quality hooks that are well suited for shark fishing and they are economical as well.

39960D 14/0-20/0

39960D 14/0-20/0



I will be trying to post entries that give more information about the products we offer at In selecting tackle to sell I have tried to offer different tackle options for different situations. As the business develops I plan to expand the offerings to include every type of tackle that anyone could possibly need. I will start with more details about one of our hook offerings.

Being a guy, I like large, shiny, metallic things. That is why I am going to do my first product entry about our Mustad 7731AD hooks. They are made of metal, they are shiny and they are definitely large. I wanted to offer some hooks for the guys out there fishing for Jaws. This hook would be the one you need! We carry sizes 10/0, 11/0, 14/0 and 16/0.

 The 10/0 and 11/0 are pretty good-sized hooks that are in the same sizing realm as the commonly used Mustad 39960D 20/0 circle hook. They are stout hooks that are great for larger baits. If, however, you are looking to set out an oversized bait (such as a whole jack) for a truly epic shark then you should consider the 14/0 and 16/0 sizes. The 14/0 size is what I would consider a really large hook. When I think of the 16/0 the word monstrous comes to mind.

The Mustad 7731AD Size 16/0

The 16/0 measures a full 2.75 inches from the tip of the point to the hook shaft. That gives you plenty of room to put it in a larger whole fish and still have the point well exposed.
One of my favorite features of this hook is the eye. Mustad calls it a “needle” eye and that is a good description. It is forged into the shank itself. This has two advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about the eye opening up in the heat of the battle. The other is the narrowness of the eye. Some styles of eyes are large and bulky. This hook’s style lends itself to the use of heat shrink tubing since it is quite narrow. Larger eyes do not allow you to get small enough heat shrink tubing over the eye. If you get tubing large enough to go over the eye then it does not shrink down tight enough around the cable. With the 7731AD you can get small enough tubing around the eye to be able to shrink it down snuggly over the leader material. This allows you to do things with this hook that you couldn’t with other hooks.

7731AD "Needle Eye"

As with most of Mustad’s hooks it is covered in their Duratin finish which will protect it from corrosion. Simply rinsing in fresh water after use should preserve it for many uses in the future.
All in all this is an excellent hook, especially if you are looking for an oversized hook for an oversized shark. If you are dreaming of catching Jaws on your next trip then you should get a few of these gems to haul in your monster!
7731AD – check them out!