There are a number of challenges to the shark fisherman. Probably the most frustrating is weed. The perfect day for catching fish can be ruined by a few plants floating in the water. It is incredibly frustrating when you plan a several day trip and have everything worked out and planned for until the first sight of the water and horror of horrors! – the weed. It strikes fear in the heart of the shark fisherman. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but not much. We managed to make it down to the coast a few weeks ago and experienced this very scenario, so I thought I would write a bit about it.

There are numerous types of seaweed that can cause problems for fishing. As with anything it is only a problem when there is too much of it. A little can be dealt with, but when it is coming in and piling up on the beach you have a problem. The biggest problem here along the Texas coast is Sargassum. This particularly vile plant comes in so thick sometimes it may seem there is more weed than water. I understand that the source of our Sargassum here in Texas is actually the aptly named Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic off the Eastern coast of the United States. The ocean currents and then the gulf stream carry it into the Gulf of Mexico where eventually prevailing winds blow it onto the beaches. I am not an expert on the biology of this subject, but I do know that the spring time and early summer are the times of the year that the bulk of the weed comes on shore here in Texas. It causes a fishing nightmare clinging to lines and building up in huge clumps. In no time the current grabs hold of the clumps and pulls the line into shore in a tangled mass of weed and line.

Massive weed

Wasn't gonna happen on this day!

So, what can be done on a weedy day? Usually it requires some creativity and scaling down of expectations. Here are some things I have done when the weed was out of control.

1. Look for a Protected Area – If there are any passes nearby they might be clear of weed. On an out going tide the current will probably be strong enough to keep the pass free of weed. We tried this strategy last summer and managed to land a 6′ bull shark from the pass even in bad conditions. Jetties are another option. Usually jetties are protecting a channel. Many times the weed will not be as bad in the channel as in the surf. Pay attention to the wind and current as well. It might be that the beach on one side of the jetties or the other is protected from the weed to a degree.

2. Fish in the Bay – A bay is the ultimate protected area. Deeper channels in the bay probably aren’t going to harbor monster sharks, but you might get lucky.

3. Pray for a Wind shift – Watch the weather report. Wind is what brings weed to the beach more than the waves. You might have a choppy surf, but if the wind shifts and starts blowing offshore it will take the bulk of the weed with it.

4. Go For It – Sometimes you can make it work. There are a few tricks of the trade. If you angle your lines into the current and the wind is cooperating you can outsmart the weed. If you get it just right the waves will work the weed that catches on your line up to the surface and then the wind will take over blowing the weed all the way up to your rod where you can easily pick it off. This will not work if you have any knots in your line. If you have braided line tied to a mono topshot you will end up with a massive clump of weed gathered at the knot. On a good day you can get this to work. What happens many times is you get a bow in your line with the current and wind and the weed collects in the bow. If you can get a more extreme angle on your line you might be able to lose the bow. If not, you might find yourself wading out to pick the weed off the line periodically. You can make this strategy work on days when there is weed, but it is not super bad. On the days it is really coming in you can try option #5.

5. Lick Your Wounds and Go Home – Some days were not meant to be. As was the day I took the picture above. It is a real disappointment, but sometimes nature does not cooperate.

Weed can mess up you trip, but sometimes you can salvage a bad situation. Scout out some other areas and maybe you can still get in some fishing time and maybe even land some fish!