Welcome to BigSharkBlog! Here I will share my thoughts on big sharks, how to catch them, my fishing adventures, and information about products we have for sale on our website: www.BigSharkTackle.com. This is my first blogging experience, so the future of this venture is a bit nebulous in my mind. It is like walking into a dark room, eagerly awaiting the lights to come on and reveal the reality that surrounds you. I don’t know what future reality is to come here in the blogosphere, but I’m sure it will be a fun one.

shark fishing

I don’t claim to be a shark fishing guru or anything like that, but I have been saltwater fishing all my life and have been targeting the “toothies” in recent years. Shark fishing is a whole different animal. It is truly the “extreme” version of fishing. I am referring in particular to land based shark fishing. Fishing for sharks from a boat is extreme because sharks are the largest and most dangerous fish in the sea. Great care must be taken! Swap that boat for a kayak and then the adventures really begin! I will have much more to say about this in the future.

I also will be sharing thoughts on our new venture: BigSharkTackle.com. I will post more detailed information about the products we offer and in what situations they are best used. Hopefully through all of this you will be able to glean a few tidbits of information that might help you out on your next fishing trip or maybe, somehow at least I can entertain you or bring a smile to your face.

Thanks for reading!

Jason – aka Sharkinator